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Today’s guest is Alize Smith. Alize is a veteran turned Youtuber who helps women learn from their past to better prepare themselves for fulfilling relationships. In today’s episode, Alize talks about how her relationship with her own father affected her relationships with men and her relationship with God. She also talks about how she sought to unpack those negative experiences and heal from them in order to put herself in a position to find a relationship that better served her and God.

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Today’s guest is Tasha Hunter. Tasha is an Air Force Veteran and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. In today’s episode, she shares her experience of growth from surviving a traumatic childhood to becoming a therapist. In sharing her story, Tasha talks about the women that brought some light during her times of darkness, how her childhood affected her relationships, and how she maintained her faith along the way. Please note that this episode has mentions of child abuse and suicide and this may be too sensitive for some listeners. hope you gather some nuggets of hope within her story.Even when we leave troubling circumstances the effects still linger and as Tasha learned she needed to address and unpack that trauma in order to step into the more fulfilling life she was meant for.

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Follow along on Tasha's journey on Instagram and check out her memoir, "What Children Remember" which is available now.

Today’s guest is Tiffany Ward. Tiffany is an educator, instructional coach, wife, and dear friend. In today’s episode, Tiffany talks about how she blends her love of technology and education to promote educational equity in the classroom. Tiffany also opens up and shares how the birth of her educational nonprofit came at a time of devastation as she and her husband tried to conceive children of their own.

I love how she shared how supportive and encouraging her husband has been for her and how she leaned into her support network and has chosen to see the beauty that lies in front of her rather than the loss she has experienced. If you'd like to follow along with the Pittsburgh Village Project journey head over to their website at https://pghvillageproject.org/.

Eunice is a life coach who recently tackled her huge goal of running a marathon during the pandemic. In today's episode, I sit down with Eunice as she shares her thought process in attacking that goal and the obstacles that came up along the way. She also gives tips on how we can go about goal setting in this new year.

Joyce Johnson is an Author, Speaker, Sales Influencer, Business Coach and Founder of Why Sales Network. In today's episode Joyce talks about her career in sales and media, the challenges and -isms faces as a woman of color in business, the benefits of mentorship. We also discussed the journey she took in writing about business to pivoting to telling her own story. Be sure to pre-order Joyce's memoir “No Back Doors for Me” launching January 15th at iamjoycejohnson.com.

Today's episode is a special Thanksgiving episode. I sat down solo in front of the mic sharing some listener shout-outs of thanks as well as my own reflections. I wanted to give space and honor to the many blessings that we have experienced this difficult year.

In today's episode, my guest Whitney Hughes shares her stories from working as a Peace Corps volunteer and later in the educational nonprofit space focusing on race and equity in education. She shares gems of how she inspired, educated, and empowered young people and how that has formed her current career path

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Today's guest is Liz Everett, CEO of Everett Consulting International. Liz is a nationally recognized Creative Director, Image Consultant, and Fashion Stylist. In today's episode, Liz shares her story of growing up as a biracial child in Florida and how life experiences of growing in her own confidence help fuel her career, and how she works to inspire the clients she works with.

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Today's guest is Yvette Walker. Yvette has a career in journalism that spans 30 years and currently teaches introduction to Media and Communications at her local University. Yvette is also a fellow podcaster. In today's episode, Yvette shares her how she got into her journalism career, the stories and moments that touched her most as a journalist, how her faith is weaved into her journey, and how educates the next generation of journalists.

Yvette is a fellow podcaster and I had the pleasure of being a guest on her podcast Positively Joy. Check out the episode here.

Today's guest is Ashley Comans. Ashley is a program manager for the Alliance for Police Accountability in Pittsburgh, community organizer, fellow podcaster, and former public servant. As a Pittsburgh native, she talks about watching her community grow and change and how her involvement in her community has morphed over the years.

I appreciated Ashley's openness and talking about her experience in journalism and how she decided to shift her Focus towards non-profit involvement and public service I love how Ashley says that history proves that if we truly come together for the greater good we can make a change.

Make sure to listen to Ashley's Black Political Millennials podcast go ahead and check out her Instagram

Today's guest is Sara Bischof. Sara is a twenty-something unemployed, ex-engineer living in Boston. In today's episode, we talked about her passions including engineering, sports, and how she recently has been working on unpacking her privilege and using what she has learned to take action towards justice. After being laid off due to the pandemic Sara started her own podcast, the Unemployment Podcast, where she navigates her career and job hunt process and chats with inspiring guests.

Sara candidly shares her story about recognizing that although she saw sexism in her college experience she was blind to the racism that her teammates and friends experienced at her school. She opens up about embracing unemployment and the journey it is putting her on.

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Today's guest is Patricia Taylor. Patricia is a thirty-something wife, mother, writer, and speaker. In today's episode, we talked about how Patricia faced her fears and stepped boldly into a powerful voice in the racial justice space where necessary topics can be discussed with grace truth, and love. We talked about who inspires her, her faith journey, and what it means for her to be Black and Christian.

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Today's guest is Monica Garrett. Monica is the Founder & CEO of the Margaux Agency, a Los Angeles based digital marketing agency. Monica is truly a go-getter and in today’s episode, she talks about pursuing her passions while being bold and intentional in pivoting when life and her career took sudden changes. Be sure to listen as she shares some Insider tips for small business owners. Along with those tips she shares her passion for her how she maintains balance as a wife and mother and her biggest inspiration.

Today’s guest is Liberty Gaither. Liberty is the Founder and Editor in Chief of fashion publication, Manic Metallic. Liberty shares about her switch in careers and how she eventually ran her own business. We discuss how the different skills she learned from her previous jobs and her desire for leadership and control in her career lead to the formation of Manic Metallic where she and her team focus on fashion as a discipline and art.

Today’s guest is Hannah Martin. Hannah is a second-generation Cuban-American, third-generation entrepreneur, and founder of Woc Space Marketing. In today’s episode, she shares how her non-profit 9-5 job exposed her to her passion for marketing and communications. She shares how her previous experience in activism and love of strategy and her interest in storytelling led her to her current role as a marketing coach.

Today’s guest is Kim Heil. She is a mother of two and an Associate Producer & Casting Director at the San Diego Repertory Theatre. In today’s episode, we talk about her pursuit of a career in the performing arts that was outside of the traditional expectations. She talks about how her father encouraged her to step into her passion and how she uses her role as a woman of color in championing equity in the performing arts space.

Today’s guest is Karen François. Karen is a brand consultant, entrepreneur, and owner of ÇOIS Agency. In today’s episode, we talk about taking a leap of faith in the pursuit of your dreams and balancing entrepreneurship and while managing grief.

Caitlin Carr is a recent college graduate and freelance creative writer. In today's episode, she talks about what it was like at the beginning of a pandemic away from home and how her perspective of the world and life has allowed her to embrace the unexpected and appreciate the moments of happiness and success that we have each day. She is truly wise beyond her years and cannot wait to see what beauty she creates in her writing.

Today I chat with Kelli Chu who after surviving a life-shaking car accident chooses to take the opportunity to share her story in an effort to and motivate others to embrace the unexpected. She shares about her accident, the emotional toll it took, and how that has led her to the passions she has now.

Today's episode we have Camellia Varnado, a self-published author, speaker, and mentor. In this episode, we discuss her reconnection with her estranged father in an effort to fill a void she felt. She talks about forgiveness, how the experience transformed her, and how it shapes her work with women and families. Camellia leverages her speaking as a tool to share her expertise and teach and inspire women to hope beyond what they see. Camellias' warmth and wisdom shine in today's episode.

In today's episode, I chat with Rantea Thompson, the founder and education director of the theater company, EMIR Productions. Rantea shares about moving away to New York City to carve her way into the Performing Arts industry. She shares about the ups and downs of this journey and the people that supported her along the way. With her theater company, she is not only able to create work she loves, but she is also hoping to give back to other artists through workshops and an upcoming artist grant program. Learn more about upcoming workshops and classes on their website https://www.emirproductions.net.

Today's guest is Cierra Everett who is the creator behind Ambitiously Cierra. In our conversation, we touch on how creating content for her blog and Instagram helps her share her story while keeping her accountable to goals in a way that inspires and encourages others. Ciara has a truly infectious optimism and our conversation ranges from her natural hair journey to sustainability. We learn that in sharing a little bit about yourself you may never know who you are reaching along the way.

Lauren Parrinello shares her story of pivoting goals as life-changing events forced her to adjust. We talk about finding a core passion in life and accepting that even the strongest among us need to accept help. Lauren shares tips for balancing her life and energy and how she advocates for cultural competence and justice inside and outside of the gym.

Daniella Greeman sits with me and shares about growing up Caribbean American and navigating cultural differences and nuances throughout her life and how that has impacted her career path. She opens up about how microaggressions and grief invigorate her in her quest to make an impact in her community.

Ep. 19 Tell Me What You're Thankful For

In today's episode, my guest Whitney Hughes shares her stories from working as a Peace Corps volunteer and later in the educational nonprofit space focusing on race and equity in education. She shares gems of how she inspired, educated, and empowered young people and how that has formed her current career path

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